martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Coche Talex M1 creado a base de copias de otros coches.

A history of bodywork creation and the Talex M1 dashboard based on copies of other cars such as:Corvette Daytona Protoype, Chevrolet Corvette C7, RXC, Seat Leon Cup Racer Concept, Lamera TTM, Audi R18 or other models.Car I have designed as a sample of visualization. However the company Talex Motor Sport appropriated my 3D design without signing the Use License Agreement. Apart from not signing any contract, Mr. Moises P. has broken a verbal agreement that we had between us, lying to me on many occasions. He just threatened me with his lawyer who insulted me twice that I am "paleto". What a shame!In the end I get sick of him and I'm getting ready to take Mr. Moises P. before courts for breaking my copyright. (copyright)It is a sad story as a person without scruples or honor tries to appropriate all the work and time that I have dedicated in this project. It is my experimental design that only applies as visualization of a concept. The concept has been copied from other prototypes so it seems to me that it is illegal to make a car with my design. Poreso the project is here in an educational way. However this model has been manufactured without my permission and participates in the races. I think this is going to end badly.
In a couple of days I will release 3 videos where I will tell the whole story of the creation of this car. It will be very interesting and also as a warning. TO BE CONTINUED...

Restos de fotos que eran utilizdas para crear la corroceria 

Abajo enlaces de coche real fabricado sin Contrato de Licencia de Uso:


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